Vigilantes? or just concerned citizens?

By | 09/10/2016

In recent weeks, attention has been brought to Nick Cross, a father from the North Geelong area, and the group of individuals who have decided that we need to get control of our streets back. So what are these “vigilantes” doing when they say that? The media would like you to believe they are driving around looking for trouble, and fighting violence with violence.

Some media outlets (the Geelong Advertister) have even reported involvement with bikie gangs, citizens patrolling the streets with rottweilers, and basically a vigilante movement in which a group of citizens have decided to take the law into their own hands despite the police strictly advising against it.

Well,that’s all complete BULLSHIT. So this article intends to explain the full, unedited story.

In the past 12 months, and gradually in the years leading up to now, there has been an incredible rise in crime that is showing no signs of slowing down. Specifically, these are crimes that in most judicial systems would land someone in jail for a very, very long time, and for whatever reason do not get effectively punished, which only results in a further increase in crime. These crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Theft of motor vehicle/Theft of personal property
  • Breaking and entering/Home invasions
  • Vandalism/Destruction of personal property
  • Assault
  • Attempted murder/Grievous bodily harm

The Geelong Advertiser’s own reported figures are astounding, and show just how much of a problem we have here in Geelong, and other parts of the state.

Back in March, Erin Pearson of the Geelong Advertiser, reported the following (Youth crime behind spike in Geelong offences)

  • A 12.7 percent rise in overall offences
  • A 13.9 per cent rise in thefts
  • A 19.7 per cent rise in drug use and possession
  • And “significant” spikes in homicides and weapons offences

When broken down by postcode the problem at hand back then, with statistics that were already outdated from the year prior, show just how much of a problem we are facing here.

In June, Anthea Cannon from the Geelong Advertiser reported (City crime rate rising, Geelong West up 146 per cent, Torquay up 46 per cent)

  • An 18 per cent jump in offending across the city
  • In the year to March 31, 22,400 offences, the highest number of offences per local government area outside the City of Melbourne
  • 1063 breaches of intervention orders

So it would appear that the Geelong Advertiser are aware, at least to some degree, that crime in the Geelong and surrounding districts is at an all time high, and is only getting worse..

In August this year, Nick Cross started a movement that originally consisted of just two people, himself and friend Nathan, to do what they can about the rising crime rate that is effecting our day to day life, and our feeling of security here in Geelong. This followed an incident in which Nick was followed home by multiple cars in an attempt to intimidate Nick and his family, which includes 3 young children. Nick decided enough was enough.

The movement has been labeled by almost ALL media outlets as a “Vigilante group”, which could not be further from the truth. So just what is this group, who is growing in numbers, doing about the rising crime rate? Interestingly enough, exactly what the police have been asking of us for.. “If you see something, say something”.

The group goes on nightly patrols. Talking with the locals, making their presence known to those with both good and bad intentions, and gathering evidence against individuals who are sneaking around late at night with ill intent. What Nick and others are doing, is adding much needed eyes and ears to our stretched resources. While police presence is declining and police stations are closing for extended periods of time, these citizens are taking it upon themselves to keep an eye out, and report suspicious activity and crimes to what little authorities we have left.

The media can, will, and have labeled this as a vigilante group. Doing so gets them good ratings, more people reading their articles, and more money in their pockets. After all if something isn’t controversial, why not make it controversial anyway to lure people in?

The facebook group started by Nick, is filtered to try to prevent the wrong kinds of people from being “in the loop”. There is a pinned post from Nick explaining what the purpose of the group is:

The purpose of this group is to look out for one another by reporting suspicious people in your streets, shopping centres, parks, schools ect. I wanna make our streets feel as safe as they were when I was a kid. A safe place to ask for help or share information. Knowing people are screened for membership. I’m sick of authorities only being around after the fact. This group is about actively being aware. About preventing homes from being robbed, cars stolen & properties damaged. This group is about providing safer streets for our children to walk to school and ride their bikes We can feel safer in the dark. A place to communicate about localized issues. Solve community drama and conflict. Live in peace side by side together

These are the words of a concerned father, neighbor, and overall good guy. You can judge yourself if this sounds like the words of a violent vigilante leader.

Erin Pearson, Geelong Advertiser, interviewed Nick recently in regards to the group and their efforts. Unfortunately for the group, those words were then twisted and manipulated, as many things in the media are, to make the group look bad and get the advertiser more views. You can read that completely manipulated, uninformed, and incorrect article here: Defiant Geelong vigilante group vows to keep fighting crime despite police warning

Just when you would think it couldn’t get worse, Erin has now crossed the line by releasing a completely fictitious article with no facts whatsoever. She has said that the group is involved with “bikies”, and that the recently created gofundme campaign is used to fund said bikies. The article is pictured below:

UPDATE: The article has been posted online here: Geelong vigilante group grows as bikie supporters join in

Its important to know that the campaign was started because for months, Nick and others have been driving around, keeping an eye out, buying fuel, dash cameras, torches, and of course phone credit to keep in touch with the rest of the group, and have done so entirely out of their own pocket. The campaign is very legitimate, and the funds will go straight to the effort to continue keeping our streets safe. Don’t be put off from donating due to Erins horrible words. If Erin happens to come across this article, I hope she feels completely disgusted with her words and apologises to the community for her lies and complete lack of fact checking. An ever growing number of people are going to assume that everything she writes in future is completely falsified, and that a good portion of the other articles from other Geelong Advertiser reporters are too.

Hopefully by releasing this article, and explaining the truth behind the group, more people can be informed about the efforts they aim to achieve, and more people will jump on board.

UPDATE: The gofundme campaign has finished.

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3 thoughts on “Vigilantes? or just concerned citizens?

  1. Tracy

    Well done Ben.. nicely written, factual and truthful..

  2. Nathan Makris

    We will continue to do what we do.
    I will back my friend for as long as it takes.
    Nick is like a brother to me, I urge Geelong to read the real story, not the fabricated lies the media has woven about nick and us.
    Nick you have my undying loyalty my brother.
    I’m with you every step of the way, I was with you alone at the start, but now we all stand united.


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